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Patut la semalamterasamacam down sikit. I've received a call in that afternoon..Rupanyaadaperkhabaran yang takberapamenggembirakan. Not to be mentioned here, coz it's hard to explain. Enough to say that I'm not so happy yesterday...:( :(

Aku merdeka bila..

1. Dah abis ganti puasa last week
2. Dah dapat gaji semalam
3. Dah bayar semua2 benda yg perlu dibayar
4. Dapat bercuti tiga hari straight - Jumaat, Sabtu & Ahad
5. Dapat gi sopping minggu ni

Tapi tak merdeka bila mengenangkan...
1. Thesis yg tak siap2 lagi dek kerana tak cukup info
2. Menunggu jawapan dari company yg nk kasi info tuh
3. Tiga hari cuti tu bukan lah panjang mana sangat pun kalau mengadap PC je mata jadi layu..:(

Wut happen

I was extremely exhausted this week. Actually sebab puasa straight. And yesterday I've missed to "sahur" and that's why la I became so tired, less focus and so weak! Tapi kalau bulan Ramadhan, ok pulak tak sahur. The bad thing was, while driving to the nearby shops, I just didn't see a car, at a junction, which suddenly out of nowhere appeared in front of me. I almost knocked the car but I was so thankful that it didn't happen. Same thing happened when I was on my way back to home, I felt like my car was moving towards the opposite road and I was very shocked when I saw a car, again in front of me! And today, again I've missed to sahur! I've prepared everything before I went to bed but too bad I woke up at 5.52 a.m. It's over :(

Extra ordinary hardworking

Last weekend was fully occupied with 'house-wife's works'. Kitchen & bathroom cleaning, house sweeping. trying new recipes and etc. Trying new recipes tu yang tak tahan tuh.Indeed, this is for nothing, no specific reason. please dun get me wrong..hehe. Practices make perfect rite? Actually I've been thinking of cooking crabs. Something like "gulai ketam with pineapple" but everytime I go to market, I will only walk in front of them because I've forgotten to ask my mum how to choose the right crabs. Takkan la nak tanya cik abg yg jual ketam tu pulak kan, belum tentu boleh percaya. Takut dia kasi yg isi sikit, tapi kulit je lebih. Aaa..nk mkn! Nk mkn!

Yeayyy..I'm done!

Finally..completed my article for Knowlege Bank. Already submitted to HR for review. Not only for review, but it is going to be evaluated for my performance's assesment for this year. The article's submission is part of that. I've told earlier, I love to write. But I do not know how many of you like to read my writing..heheh. Same goes with the article, I've written more than minimum words required. Too many things to be told. A true experience which comes from the heart..cewah!

My sis convocation day

Congratulations to my lil sis! We are proud of you. 12th of August 2007, Sunday would remained as one of her greatest memories in life. All the best to you sweetie.
P/S: So jealous of her flowersss...


Ahaks! This gonna be my third blog after a few blogs of mine had been purposely deleted, with my very own consent. Hopefully it will remain as it is. I love to write and love to share some of the important moments in my life. But I just I didn't know why I will hate it after I read it. Since this is my first posting here, I'm not going to write much. Just a trial..hehe. More postings will be uploaded soon!