Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Syukur alhamdulillah...penantian selama ini berakhir juga. I'm gonna see the company (for my thesis) this Friday. This little happiness would help to cure the sorrow and disappointment that I've gone through for this whole week. Berazam nk submit case writing kat supervisor sblm balik beraya. Musti! Thanks nani for your effort in giving direction to the company. Really appreciate it..hehe. Wish me luck!

P/S: As-Syifaa' = Penawar :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

When the Three met @ Planet Hollywood...

Riuh! When the three of us met - there's no other living creatures on this earth except the three of us. Hehe..sonok semalam dapat berbuka sesame after almost 4 months tak jumpa since our last trip to Indonesia. Planet Hollywood menjadi pilihan since buffet Ramadhannye tak mahal sgt, about RM33++ and senang nak pergi from KL Sentral. Just take a monorail to Bukit Bintang and walk a liltle bit to the restaurant. A 'weird' restaurant I could say, coupled with 'extra-ordinary unique' artworks displayed on the wall..hehe. Sorry, I didn't snap any photo of it sebab malu :P In term of foods, best jugak ada western, lauk2 kampung and yummy-yummy desserts & fruits tapi apakan daya we all ni gelak je lebih, 2 kali trip amik makanan pastu dah pancit. About 8.00 pm, we leaved the restaurant and after lepak-lepaking, reached my home at 10.30 pm. Enough with all the happy stories of yesterday...


Honestly, today I'm totally disappointed. When I treat people nicely, there will always, I really mean it - ALWAYS - people will take advantage over me. I hate to say it here but I do not understand why. Am I too sweet? Too kind? Or too weak so people can put their feet on my head? Entah dari mana kekuatan itu datang, I throw out everyting..for the sake of my right. I just did what I should do and they can't stop me. Serve *** right! Anyway, thank you mama, ayah and my family for always supporting me. You're always there to make everything seems to be alright.

Monday, September 17, 2007

5th Ramadhan

Sedar tak sedar, it's already our 5th day of fasting in this holy month. Which means 25 more days to go. Although my daily schedule has changed, I would love to say that I enjoy it. Memang la agak letih, masa pun agak terhad but I can feel something different, which I do not know how to describe it...Alhamdulillah..

P/S: So happy to see my bestie - Nini a.k.a Ratz starts to blog again and thank you for taking me as her inspiration. I'm truly flattered!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Manjalara: The End

Finally, abis jugak citer Manjalara @ TV3 tu. Sapa yang layan tu tau la...hehe. At first, I thought it was like a typical Malay drama yang biasanya stereotype jer jalan citernya. But this one, I have to admit it's quite different walaupun some of the scenes ada gak la yg tak berapa logik. For those yang tak tengok, cerita ni mengisahkan seorang gadis yang plain, sgt chubby and adorable by all people around her known as Manja, suddenly transformed into a beautiful lady, Lara but full of hatred because she believed she was betrayed by her boyfriend. At the same time she was planning a revenge, to defeat her evil aunt, Sahara. Sahara, who was happened to be her boyfriend's mom too, had killed her parents, aunty and all people who tried to protect Manja. At the end, things did not turn as what she had expected. Selain watak Manja, really love to see watak Auntie Zaza. Comel sangat..notty but sweet! Moral of the story, free yourself from hatred if you wish to leave in peace. Yea...it's very hard!

P/S: First day of ramadhan...nk makan apa arini ye?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Ramadhan datang lagi..

Alhamdulillah syukur tahun ini dapat sekali lagi bertemu dengan bulan yang penuh keberkatan ini. Talking about preparation, not much has been done except for "soul preparation". Last weekend, went to Giant S.A, so many people there, buying groceries and things and not to mention the long ques at every counter including the express counter. Rimas! Apa-apapun, harap-harap puasa & ibadah pada tahun ini lebih baik dari yang lepas. Begitu juga for my soul preparation. Prepare for not talking about others (a.k.a gossipping) even though they hurt you, prepare for not being so confuse on the variety of food selections at Pasar Ramadhan and try the very best to not skip sahur. Well, besides that I'm planning to organize a majlis berbuka puasa with some friends yang dah lama tak jumpa. Perhaps I can start to survey some of the interesting places now. Tengok lah macam mana, tu pun kalau jadi. Last but not least, I wish to take this opportunity to say selamat menjalani ibadah puasa untuk semua umat Islam dan pada yang mengenali diri ini, harap dimaafkan segala salah dan silap. Moga ramadhan kali ini lebih bermakna buat kita..insya Allah.

Mr. M in the lift :P

Went to my nenek's house yesterday at Shah Alam. Dah sebulan lebih tak gi sana..ape punya cucu daaa..dush! dush! Anyway, saja gi dating dua orang semalam sambil lunch. Since it was still early, lepas antar dia balik,terasa macam nak buat facial la pulak, so singgah kat Plaza Alam Sentral. Sekali sekala nak membiarkan muka dibelai-belai..fuhh best! Lepas dah parking naik la lif. From B3 to B2, lif berenti. Seorang lelaki, agak tinggi masuk. Berkaca mata hitam bulat dan agak besar. Buat tak tau je la. Tengok sekali lagi..macam pernah kulihat orang ini. Berbaju belang, kurus dan berambut skin head. Kelihatan dia sedang berbicara dgn member sebelah dia. Ish..sape dia ni ekk? Recalled..1..2..3...Bingo! Ish...Mawi rupanya! Yang pelik tu, takde sape pun yg tegur. Sumer buat2 tak kenal ke or mmg tak perasan tu dia. Suasana dlm lif senyap sunyi..kecuali seorang mamat kat sebelah tu dok bisik2 kat kawan dia.."Mawi...mawi...." Ting Tong...Lif benti.."Bye mawi.." kataku, dlm hati..kwang2..:P

P/S: I'm not Mawi big fan! But I do love some of his hits like "Angan dan Sedar" and "Cinta Zulaikha"

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Have a little..patience...

Ms X: " We will come back to you. Your email is still in my inbox. We are still looking for people to help you"

Me: "Ohh..good to hear that. Thanks!"

Ms X: " So sorry we are quite busy and we'll get back to you.."

Me: "Ok..no problem..bye"

Waiting and waiting...time is running. God..please help me! Still need a few more pages to make my case writing reaches its 50th page..Penantian itu suatu penyiksaan isn't?