Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak..Ahlan wasahlan!

Ramadhan..kita bertemu lagi. Seperti baru saja kita berpisah semalam, tapi kini kau menjelma lagi. Alhamdulillah syukur, pertemuan ini bagaikan satu rahmat yang tidak bertepi bagi seorang hamba yang fakir ini. Bagaikan sang kekasih yg kurindui, akan ku jaga dirimu sebaiknya. Akan ku penuhi waktu-waktu bersamamu dengan sepenuhnya. Itu harapanku...meskipun kadangkala aku sendiri sangsi apakah mampu aku berbuat begitu? Walau apapun yang akan terjadi nanti, selamat datang kekasihku, ahlan wasahlan ya Ramadhan!

P/S: Harap maaf segala salah dan silap, halalkan segala makan dan minum dan selamat berpuasa!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So sad :( :(

Uhuk, I'm very sad right now :( I didn't know what was wrong. Today, supposed to be an 'appreciation event' but turned out to be a 'frustration event' to ME! I was the one who handled from A to Z. I'd make sure all my parts were perfectly arranged but some 'other things' had screwed me up. Prior to the event, I mean a few days before, I was worried about the caterer, I was afraid they might arrive late, or the foods provided were not that good or cold. I kept reminding them to arrive early, make sure all this and that were fine and etc. On the day itself (this morning), everything seemed to be ok, they arrived early, foods were already prepared and I had also allocated three counters for foods.

There's one thing which had not came across my mind - insufficient food. I never thought this gonna happen where suddenly I heard people complained the foods were not enough. They moved from counter to counter to check if there were still more foods left. Just imagine where could I put my face when I saw some of them felt so upset, asked if the foods would be refilled. I was completely blurr..the foods should be enough to catered 300 peoples and the turn-out did not even reach 200 but the foods were gone in just a couples of minutes!

Whose fault was this? The caterer said their foods were sufficiently enough to cater 300 people. The guests? It's buffet lunch, who care if they took more than they should? But if they really took more, it still had to be enough because there were quite a number of guests who did not attend the event. I was told by one of the caterer's staff, they had insufficient staff to control the foods allocation at the counter. Argh..what kind of arrangement was this? Yesterday I was told by the caterer they would provide their staff to assist in controlling the food at each counter. What happened now? They were not the one who's going to apologize to the guests. It's me, in fact it was not my fault. People would see this as my failure! I didn't say the guests did not eat at all, but they deserved to eat what they deserved to.

Huhuhuhu....the caterer went back to their place to take some more foods and turned up after more than one hour where all of the guests already left the hall. That's really hit me up! No matter what happened, I forced them to distribute all the foods to the guests at their office. I mean directly in front of their office. Haahh..baru nko tau..hehehe. For me, they're not only ruined my day, but they also ruined their reputation. I wish them luck in their business. Goodbye and you're blacklisted forever! Muhaahhhha......

Saturday, August 23, 2008


What Ms. Yim said was right. We're living without realizing our weekend just over. Over and over again. Huwaa..I'm tired. Had to work until late night yesterday and woke up early in the morning on the other day. Tomorrow is Sunday. My first 'free Sunday' of the month..argh can't wait to have a normal life again...:(

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Retreat @ PD

Fuh..baru aja nak bersenang-lenang time weekend, kena pulak attend 3-day retreat at Regency Hotel, Port Dickson. Around 30 ++ of us, were selected to go there from 15th - 17th August 2008. But for me, personally I didn't think I'd contributed much during discussion or presentation session. My group consisted of top2 and senior2 staff at the university level. So, kita yang 'agak junior' ni rasa macam ada sedikit barrier. I din't mean they tend to neglect our opinion, it's just that I didn't feel quite comfortable to interfere, mencelah or something like that. So, dok bersembang aja lah dgn org sebelah hahaha! Tapi sembang sambil pasang telinga la on their discussion. So, not that bad la kan, at least we can listen and learn how these people think. Who know someday I might be one them too..hahah..dush! Stop dreaming ayu!

On the second day, also same thing la..discussion, presentation, makan. But after the afternoon's session, Kak Miza suggested to try a ride on a banana boat. Actually takut jugak walaupun excited coz mama already pesan to me "jangan main air!" when I told her that I was going to PD for training. So memang tak bawak la baju utk beriadah. Tp dah nk try juga naik banana boat tu, pakai jeans pun jeans la! Among all, that was the best part la rasanya..hahaha. Dua kali dijatuhkan ke dalam laut. At first, boat tu jatuhkan kami dekat jugak la dgn pantai, so bedebukkkk la atas pasir. Sakit la juga coz terjatuh atas jari kelinking usual, minum air laut plak kali ni (selalunya air sungai heheh)...pastu..second time dia jatuhkan kami agak tengah gak la..coz I couldn't touch my kaki atas pasir...lebih kurang paras leher dalamnya...mmg takuttt! But we all dah dipakaikan dgn life jacket la, so terapung2 atas air la kiranya. Since the location was quite far from the seashore, we had to climb the banana boat again, then dibawak la ke pantai semula....huhuhuh..best2! No pain no gain..hahahah...

Third day, the training ended around 11.30 am. Pukul 2.30 pm baru bas datang, huhu after one hour late and we wait at tepi jalan like a PATI..and then, I slept all the way....bukak2 mata nampak bangunan TM Net..isk isk..dh nak sampai rupanya........kroh kroh.......

Aiyok..belum naik lagi dh kena hanyut

Bye..we're ready to go!

Lomas den..air masuk dlm lobang hidung

Waiting to be rescued...

Yeay...happynya semua sebab dah selamat..

P/S: Thank you Kak Gee & Lela..nice shots!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My graduation day...

Finally..i made it! Alhamdulillah syukur...I was finally on stage, received my scroll from our beloved Chancellor, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah. Memang tak expect pun nak konvo this year. Menjerit Kak June and Kak Gee once they saw my name in graduates' list. .hehe. So happy that we could convo together..also with Nazly, Nik and Nor. ..among my best buddies during our MBA classes. Our session was on Saturday, 9th August 2008. So, my family already arrived the night before. This convocation was so special to me. First, not only my mama, ayah, ngah & hakim were there, but also my beloved grandma. Thank you tok for coming although she was not that well. Oh ya, tak lupa juga utk faiz..heheh. Tima kasih tlg amik gambaq esp time lambung topi tu..berapa kali shooting daaa..kihkih.

Second, I was also part of the convo working committee. It's nice to prepare for your own convocation day hehe. Third, this year's convocation also witnessed the proclamation of our University's first Pro-Chancellor. Fourth, this convocation also came with lots of surprise. Huge surprises...huhuhu. Cannot tell here la..heheh.

Well, if you ask my feeling right does it feel; being an MBA holder? I just felt relief. I have more time to focus on my career. Still have no long term plan. See la how..let's take some break first. Here are some of the happy moments...enjoy!

P/S: Congratulations to all MMU 2008 Graduates!!!