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What a relief...really enjoyed the bowling game. Hope everyone felt the same too...a fun-filled day. Walaupun mendapat kedudukan yg agak corot, the most important was, we were not the last one..heheh. My performance? Up and down. First game and second game dapat nombor 3 dlm team but the last game, hancuss. Baling la macam mana pun, ke longkang jua perginya. Dah tak leh focus :P But ok la, after 4 years tak main, with two strikes....(menyedapkan hati).

Me..boling?'s been so long. Never touched the ball since 2004 and now I'm going to play for a tournament? Biar benar..even Malaysian Bowlers' gang is going to be there. Aiseh...guys, please don't put so much hope on me. I just play for fun. Kalau kalah jgn mare tau... heheh. Anyway, good luck to all my team members - Nen, Nani (imported from FSBM) and Suha (imported from EDS). Nama group pun tak cari lagi nih..

Congratssss bro!!!

Syukur alhamdulillah...congratulations to my lil bro. All his hard works paid off. We are proud of you dear. SPM result already out today. We've been talking about this since a month ago and today, here we are. He called me from his school this morning. From his voice, I knew he did it. Again congratulations. It's just the beginning...


28-02-2008..the date that I will always remember for the rest of my life. There's a famous Malay's pepatah saying that "Malang tidak berbau". Yes, agree to that. 'They' (the malang) are everywhere. You can't trace where, when and how they can happen to you. The moment you realize, you are already there. Flashing back on what had happened last three day, I was walking with a friend of mine, Nency to Power Bowl, Alamanda. We were walking from a basement car park heading to the bowling centre. Within a few seconds, suddenly I felt so pain on my head. On top of me, there was a 'steell box' and believe it or not I hit them with my head! I didn't know what is that for but sometime at a basement parking you may notice there's a 'box' on the ceiling. I couldn't speak and waters started to fill my eyes. Nency kept asking me if I was ok. I said I was fine, but only God know how I felt that time. I would choose to go home if I was not in-…