Monday, March 30, 2009


Sabtu lepas, 28 Feb 2009 saya berkunjung ke Melaka untuk intercampus-game antara staff. Aritu saya dah bagitau kan, saya ni reserve untuk volleyball game. Sesampainya saya kat court, mostly pemain-pemain utama tak sampai lagi. Tapi game dah nak start dan masa tu tepat pukul 12 tengah hari. Jadi, saya pun sarungkan jersi (oren) dan main la dulu. Sempat la digging bola sekali pastu servis sekali. Tak sempat nak panas badan, pemain utama dah sampai jadi saya pun dikeluarkan. Saya pun ada buat satu mistake juga sebelum tu. Takpe lah. Saya akur. Sampai kat situ saja rezeki saya nak main volleyball kali ini. Apa-apa pun tahniah la sebab dapat kalahkan team melaka yg tak kurang juga hebatnya.

Lepas balik dari Singapore tu, kulit saya yang manja ni pun mula la naik ruam-ruam penuh kat pipi dan hidung. Dah memang gelap waktu balik Singapore tu, lepas main volley tengah2 rembang tu, bertambah-tambah la gelapnya kulit muka nih. Gelap + jerawat. Buruk kan? Sesuai la dgn Hari Bergelap Sedunia yang jatuh pada hari sama. Uhuhuhu...Dah ler 20hb 4 ni ada dinner kat Le Meridian. Huwawawa...Gi kerja pun pakai bedak sejuk jer ni..harap-harap sempat sembuh...
P/S: Photo by Kak Rita

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Roaring Singapore...

Finally I make my way back to Cyber after a 3-day hustle and bustle trip to Singapore...fuhh. I had to accompany members of Student Representative Council to an official trip to the Lion country from 23 - 25th March 2009. Great experience as a backpacker :) Here the story goes...

Day One
I was 5 minutes late, some students were already waiting at bus stop in front of our university. We departed around 8 am +++ to Putrajaya Sentral. Took ERL to Plaza Rakyat. By 11 am, we already started our bus ride to Larkin, Johor. Reached there around 2 pm ++. Another group of students from Melaka already waiting at Mc D. After stuffing our bellies there, we took a public bus to Woodlands.

After going thru all the immigration procedures, we finally touched down the Singapore land. Again, took a bus ride to Queen Street Bus Terminal. From there, we walked down to Little India, a place where we would stay for the next 3 days. 6 pm ++ reached Nava's Place. As I said, it was the rooms for backpackers. Huhu, I was so uneasy at first as we had to share bathroom with others (I mean guys). But of course la, not in a same room, I mean the same bathrooms will be used by all. At night, we took our dinner around that area and explored the place until we're tired and went back to sleep.

Day Two
A warm welcome
Our first agenda of the day was to visit National University of Singapore (NUS). As we entered the campus, we were welcomed by Tisha and Anisa from NUS's students reps. We were led to Student Services Centers where presentation by both universities and group discussion sessions were going on. Then, they brought us to NUS Art Gallery. One thing that I just knew about NUS, the university was actually rooted from University of Malaya (UM).

After refreshing ourselves with the Singaporean foods, we made our way to Nanyang Technological University (NTU). At that time most of us already tired and I could notice the discussion run a little bit slow. There, we met several Malaysian students. One that I knew was Rui Yang from Ipoh. Very kind :) I knew he was quite tired (as he said he slept at 5 am in the morning and woke at 9.00 am to prepare for the visit) but he was patiently assisted me to Surau which located at different side of the building. He brought me to Art and Design School ( actually I did not follow the rest of the group as my shoes caused a little pain). The school was so beautiful and I couldn't help myself from holding my breath for a few seconds.That was my first time seeing a building which planted grasses on top of its roof! After the visit, we headed back to Little India.

Since we did not have any agenda at nite, we have decided to go to Merlion. It was always my dream to take photos with the Lion Head. It's a dream came true la! Hehe..We went there on our own, just by studying the MRT route. Real backpackers! Although we had stopped at a wrong station but finally we reached there by asking people. After a fun photo taking activities at Merlion we went back to Little India.

Day There
Kiss Goodbye
Since it was our last day at Singapore, our last activities was to go to Orchard Road to look for some souvenirs. Not much interesting. I heard China Town was even better but we didn't have time to go there. We also did not have enough time to visit Sentosa Island (so sad). At 2.30 pm, we were leaving Little India and took a bus to Woodlands. Good bye Singpore and we had to catch our bus to KL at 5 pm..penattt.

Some interesting things to share:

a) MRT moves faster than LRT
b) So does its escalator
c) No old car on the road
d) Clean city (100% agree!)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SS Month

Assalamualaikum, hola I'm back. Wow, I haven't put any update for the past 2 weeks. I've been so active lately with badminton and volleyball training. By the end of this month, we're going to have an inter-campus game. But as usual, I'd love to be reserved only..hehe. Well, well..we couldn't be good at everything rite? At least my mission to get rid off some stubborn fats is progressing. And I meet some new frens. Thus, my social skills oso increase hihi.

Actually last week I was at my hometown. Took leave on Friday, 13th March and spent the whole weekend with my family. Except my sis and hubby, they couldn't join us. On Saturday, I went to Sunway Karnival (Penang oso got Sunway tau!). I was totally bedazzled with lovely tops and dresses at a boutiqe there. But before that dah beli dah kat dalam Parkson. Aiyoo..this is what we call 'unplanned purchase' which extremely dangerous. Huhuuhu..tapi bila hati dah suka..apa buleh buat..lalala...

P/S: SS Month = Sports and Shopping Month :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hello again, Marriot...

I was at Marriot for the past two days. Attended BSC Cascading Workshop. I still remember, I was at the same room, attending an appreciation dinner last year. Surrounded by highly prominent people who sat in the same table with me, I felt so small. So funny, I could remember how many words came out of my mouth. The rest of it, I only smiled! The day before, I was working at Melaka. Pergi awal pagi, balik lewat petang. Thank you so much to TV3. The idea of putting my fav hit series online really helps people who are always 'on the go' like me. So, tak melepas la tgk citer SPA-Q hehe.

Oh ya, petang tadi saya ke opis. Sebenarnya saya baru berpindah ke bilik baru. Masih lagi opis yg sama cuma tukar bilik je. Ada sedikit penstrukturan kat opis dan saya adalah org terakhir berkemas hehe. Maklum la, sibuk betul. Oleh kerana hari ni tak kemana-mana saya pun memulakan operasi mengemas-ngemas dgn happynya. Sambil kemas sambil chatting, pukul 5.30 ptg baru siap :P (start kemas 2 lebih). Hmm..masih tak puas ati. Wayar komputer berserabut sebab plugnya kat lantai, bukan kat dinding. Agak jauh sikit dari meja.Tak best pulak tgk. As for today, ni je mampu saya fikir. Tgk la minggu depan kalau2 ilham kreatif ala-ala Casa Impian datang...