Thursday, June 19, 2008

Learnt my lesson :(

Yesterday I had a meeting with a group of secretariats for one of the mega event to be held this year. Also attended the meeting was high level people from ministry. As usual, when the meeting held in our place, we woud act as 'tuan rumah'. You know la tuan rumah would serve their guests, serve food and drinks and so on. Usually I was the one who would play the role la..ala2 tea lady la mcm tu..hehe. After the VIP arrived, I started to put a cup of coffee together with kuih-muih next to him. I mean on his left hand side. Time passed and the VIP did not touch anything that I put. I thought he probably wanted to wait until the meeting ended, so I continued taking some notes. When it's over, he joined other secretariats at refreshments area where they had to service their own self. I thought he just wanted to mingle around. Then, he went back into the meeting room and started to pack his things. Omigod! I'd be a dead man! Then only I knew that I supposed to serve the refreshments on his right I'd learnt my lesson...I'm so soryyyyy...protocol....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Adding some KGs..

Wah, I finally gained a few kilograms, yeay! Remember in my last posting (in February I guess) I told that people complained about my look - nampak kurus la, cengkung la. That was when I moved to my new department. But now, no more :) There are few ways to know if you had already added some KGs and you suspect the machine you use to measure your weight is not working - First : your old colleagues (from your previous department) noticed the differences and make the opposite comments. Second: someone who are very close to you also noticed your chin is doubling (that's my mama!), third : when some one that you don't really close said you look 'healthier' and pinched your body and lastly: if you still do not trust them, check your current S shirts/blouses if they still fit you well. The result is, I'm shifting to M now ****giggling****

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday mornin...

It's Sunday but I had to work today. New students were coming from all over the country. Some of them were just like me.......blink! (Flash back) 1999. Berbaju kurung, tudung dipin kemas, beg diselepangkan ke sisi bersama sebuah file yang dikepit erat di bawah ketiak. Terkedu seketika tatkala disapa dengan Bahasa Inggeris ketika disambut masuk ke dalam dewan pendaftaran (later on I knew the person was actually an English lecturer). Kelakar bila dikenang kembali, sapaan disambut dengan broken English yang ntah apa-apa..sambil blur2 pulak tu. Itu dulu-dulu lah...hehe.
Next Tuesday, my lil bro would register at UIA. My parents would come tomorrow. Teringin jugak nak pergi antar dia, tapi hari bekerja susah sikit lah. Need to attend a few important meetings next week. Should pay him a visit by weekend. Insya Allah...

Oh ya..semalam went to my old school's fren - Puan Planet a.k.a Ct at Kinrara, Puchong. Sambil makan-makan sempena meraikan perpindahan ke rumah baru we all berdiskusi tentang perancangan mega-reunion sekolah yang bakal berlangsung pada bulan 7 ni. Kurang mendapat sambutan nampaknya. Keputusannya, tunggu sehingga 15 June ini, jika tidak, plan lain akan menyusul.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Know what, paint ball was always one of the items in my wish list. And finally, I had the chance to play the game for the first time in my life. Anyway, I would like to call it 'pain-ball' as I'm helplessly suffering muscle pain with some bruises right now..uhuhu. But I like the game hehe. Last Saturday May, 31, Dyenne, Zue, Farah (which I just met at the place) and my self met at Extreme Park, Shah Alam. Sound extreme isn't? I brought my sis too but she insisted to be a photographer only. Oh, that's fine :P. When we reached the place, which was just next to Stadium Shah Alam there was another group of guys waiting. Some just wore normal sports attire, but or what? They're going to play with us. But that’s cool. I’m thinking of buying one after this. Probably the trousers first. After a simple briefing, we moved to the battle field. Put on all the equipments – protective mask, chest protector, picked up the marker and cheeessee…snapped a few shoots first…ngeh ngeh. Penting tuh!

First round, err…honestly I’m scared! I couldn’t see anyone from the opponent team. The mask seemed so ‘heavy’ and felt like a burden which blocked my vision. I didn’t know where should I shot..haha too bad. Then, slowly I could see the target and I shott..shott..shott…someone put his hands up..kena la tu agaknya…haha but we lost in the first game. Second game, my marker screwed me up, abis gas la pulak! Lepastu..peluru abis pulak. Second game went on so fast and we lost too. I didn’t know what happened. So, I still didn’t feel the pain yet. But…for the last game, argh..I just made a wrong move. I was shot after I moved forward. That was right away after Dyenne was shot. Lubuk agaknya kat situ. Kena kat betis..pedih la gak..just like some one pinch you very hard…and I surrendered! But our team won the game. Mane taknyer..abang2 askar tu join our team. Hehehe…anyway, it was fun!

P/S: Sakitnya masih la padahnya tak streching dulu sblm main, otot2 tekejut...hope I can recover soon, nak duduk susah..turun & naik tangga lagi la susah..huwaaaa...