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Right in front of you

It can twist your heart
Put you in the dark
I was cold and lonely
It can close you in
Build the walls within
I let fear control me

I let go
Didn't know
Where the answer would be

Right in front of you
Right in front of me
We were looking
But somehow, someway
We couldn't see
That the love was always there
It's been around us everywhere
I had to fall to finally see
That you were right in front of me

It can lift you up
And we've got enough
To reach a new beginning
Can withstand a storm
In the final hour
We'll find the joy in living

Don't let go
Cause I know
Pretty soon you will see

You are my tomorrow
There's safety in your arms
Where you go I'll follow
Cause you're the world where i belong


P/S: Digging old-old songs of Celine Dion. Unfamiliar song but touches my heart. Taken from - A new day has come Album (2002). One of my feveret singer ever..

Happy 18th Birthday bro...

My bro turns 18 today...hepi birthday dear! A week before, I already called him, to check if he want something special for his birthday (see how sweet I am kan? kihkih :P). In a humble tone he said he just don't mind. Anything should be fine with him. Initially I was planning to buy him a hand phone but he said he already repaired my dad's old hp. I'm totally out of idea. It's a lot easier to by a present for a girl compared to guy. There are hundreds of items you can pick at shopping complex and girls gonna love and crazy about it. For guys? Probably a gadget? Or jersey? Still thinking....

Phewww..stretching to the max

Fuhh..I've been stretching my head since this morning to think, think and think. What else it is for..definitely for this thesis writing (lagi-lagi thesis..boring huh?). I'm targeting to submit this final draft to my SV by end of this month. So far I'm on the right track. It's pretty good to set this target and I'm working very very had to achieve it (Well, I should do this long time before). Need to sacrify a lot more hang-out activities for this month. And my television has chosen the right time to rebel. Know what, I can only see a black and white picture on the screen. Huwaa..what happen ha? Hey, it's not a cap ayamtv but a 2 yrs old, Philips and I wonder what's wrong with that? But it's good la actually, so I won't spend two or three hours watching muvie or drama but more $$$ gonna burn soon :(

Crossing the dateline..good bye 2007

I know i'm a little bit late..we're already in the fifth day of 2008 but I dun wanna miss the chance to wish everybody a heppi new year. Too many things came up, suddenly and unexpectedly (Speechless) This year's celebration, we made up our plan to Redbox, Sunway Pyramid. Never imagined we managed to get there on time as the traffic jam was so crazy and terrified. But it paid off because it's always exciting to be with u gals! I could sense some talents for the next Asian Idols..muahaha :P

Kotak Merah Room No 34